The socio-economic composition of the Hamilton Mountain is diverse, having low-income public housing residents as well as million dollar estates, highly paid unionized workers and small-wage unskilled workers, and well-established families and recent immigrants.

This diversity makes Hamilton Mountain a swing riding where many elections are virtually two- or three-way ties. For instance, in 1988 less than a hundred votes separated the first and second-place finishers and in the 2004 election only three thousand votes separated the first and third-place finishers. In recent years, however, the riding has become one of the most solid NDP seats in Hamilton. Help us change that.

We are happy to announce Trevor Lee as the People's Party of Canada candidate for Hamilton Mountain. He is excited about bringing the message of freedom, responsibility, fairness and respect to Hamilton.

Trevor Lee is a son, brother, loving father and loyal friend to many, who has built his career in the transportation industry for over 25 years while passionately following politics and the economic, social and environmental issues that affect all Canadians. It has always been his dream to contribute in a positive way to the issues that surround Canada and his community. 



Our local riding team is made up of various industry professionals ranging from finance, information technology, education and construction. The team is comprised of both native born Canadians and immigrants who are passionate about politics and share a love for this great country.


In this era of identity politics and the constant focus on what divides Canadians, the People's Party of Canada and all its members stand for what unites us. 

Join us by becoming a member of the Hamilton Mountain Riding and get updates on upcoming events in the local area.

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